The Knowledge Aware Basic Certification Course

In this course, we'll show you the basics of the Knowledge Aware approach and teach you how to adopt it within your organization. In the end, you'll have the opportunity get to take the certification exam to earn your "Knowledge Aware Basic Certification."
The Knowledge Aware Certification Program is for people who want to be Knowledge Aware change agents in their organization. As well as those who are believers in the concept and want to transform their organization towards the Knowledge Aware vision. Through the Knowledge Aware Certification program, individuals will be trained to be efficient in transforming their organization through the Knowledge Aware approach.
The course is $49 per person and free for IKAA members. To register as a member, check the IKAA portal or your inbox for a discount promo code.

To get started, click "Signup" in the upper right corner, create an account, and follow the instructions in the resulting email.

Get Knowledge Aware Certified

After completing the course, you'll earn a Knowledge Aware Basic Certification. You'll receive an official certification file, along with the certification badge to share on your resume and LinkedIn profile. You'll also be listed on our website.